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Every Goal Soccer was founded by Cole Penny. Cole has over 20 years of playing and coaching experience. Born in the UK, Cole played and coached for Watford FC before moving to the US in 2014, coaching across various clubs in New Jersey until 2016. From 2016-2021, Cole served as the Director of Coaching & General Manager for Scarsdale Youth Soccer Club before launching Every Goal Soccer. Cole holds USSF, FA & UEFA coaching qualifications.

'My objective for Every Goal Soccer is to provide players of any and all ages, as well as ability levels, the opportunity to enhance their skills and love of the game.

Having coached for a number of years now, I feel there is a great emphasis and importance placed on winning at all costs, be it from coaches, clubs, parents or players themselves. I believe having a competitive drive to win is important but to put it above the improvement and development of the actual player is ultimately harmful to their long term progression.

My mission is to help those players who do want more from the game to progress further and achieve their goals, while also allowing those just starting out in the game the chance to feel the way I felt as a kid growing up, to have fun with a ball at their feet and develop a love for the game that lasts a lifetime. 

I hope that through Every Goal Soccer we can inspire players to start, continue and thrive on their Soccer journey.'

Cole Penny,

Every Goal Soccer Founder 

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